About Us

For over 80 years, Sullivan Victory Groves has been shipping fresh picked fruit direct to your door!

Home delivery of food - fresh or prepared - has become the way to shop. Our lives have become so busy that convenience in shopping is important. We ship top quality, fresh citrus directly to you. It’s convenient and it’s so good for you. Citrus fruit provides vitamins, minerals and fiber for our good health, no sodium and no cholesterol. 

We ship fresh, flavorful Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, etc. and related items right to your door, that's ready to eat and enjoy. You can order online here through our new website, by phone, email, or you can still order by mail. 

Order any of our items as gifts for your friends and family and then order some for yourself!!  We wish you a happy and healthy citrus season.      


~ Frank and Sammie

Classic Victory Groves

That is just one of our many stores back in the day. 

Classic Victory Groves Packing House

We loaded our Citrus deliveries directly onto the trains.